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Below are links to various Bible studies, sermon series, and other writings. These are actual sermon notes and handouts used at Tabernacle of Joy in Singapore and in other places. Please use these in any way that would be a blessing to your ministry or local church. However, materials are not for selling and strictly… Read more »

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Charge! Go Witness the Gospel! | Sis Vesta Mangun

Go witness the Gospel For us to meet the demand of this age we’re living in, faith-fighter Vesta Mangun makes it her business to tell us what style of men and women we ought to be. “I am obliged to bear witness because I hold, as it were, a particle light, and to keep it… Read more »

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Spiritual Warfare Teaching Series | Rev Allan Shalm

How to win the waging war Truth is, there can be lots of things going on in our Christian walks but without power. But there is a spiritual war out there — an invisible but highly critical one — that we need to start using what we actually have in us when God filled us… Read more »