The enemy is on high alert in the final leg of the game. He watches us like a hawk — keeping his friends close, his enemies even closer. Merciless, ready to hit at every movement and shred every single strand of destiny. He waits patiently for that one point of weakness and to lash out an attack in no time to waste. He is gathering his team to build a strong goal line defence to stop us from fulfilling our destiny.

And little did we know, God’s training with us has begun. He screams out through His word that we get our head in the game. We scuffle to keep focus and in the process grapple to expose the tactics of the enemy, but soon realise that our personal struggles are real. Finally all the nasty emotions are exposed from the closet. We see face to face, go head to head with who we are. We get frustrated with ourselves, sometimes even condemning ourselves of not being able to live it up and hit a touchdown right away. We stumble at other times, and scowl into the mirror, where there is no more innocence, but just an ugly reflection of inadequacy, defiance.

This Sunday, Bro Bryan Ong painted a very real picture of this tug-of-war between our flesh and the spirit. But here are the tactics God, the coach, is urging us to take heed: There are three goal line defences of the enemy found in Jude 1:11, which underlines what He is cheering us on to do:

    1. Referencing the way of Cain (Genesis 4): The enemy’s first tactic is for us to react in a way that is not pleasing to God. Cain allowed his offences to become his self defence mechanism and rejected God’s mercy, his second chance, in the process.Do not be consumed with unforgiveness. Forgive at point you feel like holding back that forgiveness. Be like David, who had the opportunity to be angry at his father and brothers (1 Samuel 17:28) for not inviting him to the call for recruitment to fight against Goliath, but he responded by saying: “Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me” (Psalms 27:10).
    2. Referencing the error of Balaam for profit (Numbers 22:12): Balaam got swayed by his greed. He based his decision on what he wanted instead of what God wanted.

      Do not base your decisions on personal gains or feelings that can gratify yourselves. It’s an attitude of “What is in it for me?” God wants us to shift our focus on the bigger picture. As the Kingdom team, “What can I do for His Kingdom?” This paradigm shift will ensure victory.

    3. Referencing the rebellion of Korah (Numbers 16:2-3): The enemy’s last tactic is to get us out of submission and to challenge our spiritual authority. The rebellion of Korah was a rebellious, independent and prideful spirit, which God despised. When you reject spiritual authority, you reject God.

      Surrender that prideful and independent spirit that always seek to fault find within the Church body. Jeremiah 3:15 says God gives us pastors according to His heart, which shall feed us with knowledge and understanding. Though they may not be perfect, we should subject to them like how the 12-year-old Jesus, who is the Almighty God in flesh, subjected himself to His worried-sick parents (Luke 2:51) after going missing in the temple for three days.

Overcoming the Enemy’s Goal Line Defence from Tabernacle of Joy on Vimeo.

We will be an invincible team if all of us were to take the ball in our court and run with it for the ultimate touch-down with God. Are you ready to let go of the tug-of-war battle and cross the goal line defence?

If you are, take a look at your own life and ask these questions: Am I offended with anyone? Have I reacted to rejection in a way that is not pleasing to God? Have I made some decisions that are according to my flesh and my feelings, but not based on the Word of God? Was I greedy? Am I submitted to spiritual authority?

God’s side is the winning side.


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