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Hey, restless, easy-going life, stop. Come now, let’s get down and dirty and talk to yourself about you. You, agent on earth, you’ve spent some time here now. What’s your deal? What is the time? What are you doing? Where are you going? What is your view of… you? 

The first answer that came to your mind could be hard-hitting, but before we go about and complicate the simple, note: Life is a singular mission. What is your mission? It’s important to identify this, so that you can respond to priorities in this mixed bag of life. If you do not know where you are going in life, then any road will take you there. Yet many of us might be at that point, where we are travelling by ourselves, with no goal and no aim in mind — any road will do. But here’s the caveat: Very rarely do people stumble into their destinies. Men and women of destiny more than often carved a deliberate path there. 

“It takes a lot of patience, and it is not done without trials. Great men have been wrecked and lost their power because they failed to learn the truth that all progress is slow and difficult,” said Rev Duane Pope in his sermon last Sunday (Aug 2) who urged us — old, young, or in between — to wake up from spiritual inactivity.


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Reflecting on the day in which we live, passiveness is how we slip into a slumber. As the world gets darker (2 Timothy 3), the stroke of midnight (Matthew 25:1-13) impends. This is not time to sit on the bench but time to get on your feet and do what God wants us to do. Before the bridegroom comes to catch his bride, take your lamp — be the light of the world. Take your oil — get anointed of God daily. And trim your wick — get your life together with a clear sense of direction. Or we might miss it all like the five foolish virgins in the parable of Matthew 25.

Luke, who is said to have written the Book of Luke and Acts, was the very person who demonstrated how a singular mission could be achieved. In both books, he had addressed them to Theophilus, a friend and the one man he staked out and invested all of his effort and energy to. Luke spent an entire lifetime bearing witness and mentoring Theophilus. Do you have one person that you connected with, becoming friends with and are mentoring?

To Rev Pope, connecting people to Jesus is his singular mission. And it should be our starting point too. “Anyone that Jesus sets in my pathway, I connect them to their purpose,” he said. “Connection begins with relationship,” he added. A friendship creates trust, trust creates influence, and influence allows us to lead. When we lead, we can connect.

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