Truth be told, salt can’t lose its saltiness from a chemical perspective. Table salt — NaCl, that is — is a very stable substance and can be stored for hundreds of years without experiencing decay. So how then does salt appear to lose its saltiness? 

When it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. 

Impurities — the presence of other substances in the midst of salt — is the quickest way to make a Christian “taste” yucky, and in essence, losing the refreshing punch of life it was meant to bring. By way of the salt, some simple but poignant truths to live by:

  1. Stay in the shaker when it is not the time, so your saltiness don’t mix with contaminants outside of the plate.I don’t know about you, but I itch all the more to act when I am told to stay still and wait. Resist the urge though, lest our salty power gets wasted when we scatter them onto the ground. No one likes salt mixed with dirt after all. This is how we can deny our flesh and follow Christ.
  2. Come out of the shaker when it is the time, so you can be used to add a flavourful burst to the plate.Sometimes when we stay in for too long, we come to worship our convenience. Inertia can get cozy. If you’re not willing to be shaken out of the salt shaker, you’ll never be used to impact the way that you are made to: To delay moral decay and melt the coldest of hearts in the workplace, schools and even in our homes. Salty level check: Will you to go out of your way and be inconvenience?

Another truth be told, there is nothing common about the table salt, despite its abundance. Where rock salt is cultivated, the terrain it is extracted from, as well as its surrounding conditions, alter the taste of every unsuspecting granule. Perhaps it is not even far flung to say that no two specks of salt taste the same. In Bible analogy, each of us are the salt of the earth, each from a different shaker, each weathered through unique terrains, rubbing off different tastes of what God is like. 

No one else can bring the same flavour that you can, so protect it, and be generous with your application. Let out your saltiness!

How to Not Lose Your Saltiness from Tabernacle of Joy on Vimeo.

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