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Are you getting bored that it is said over and over again that all of our life here is a fight – a fight of good faith? Then let it be said again that hell is not an idea – it is real. The torment there is worse than your worst imagination of it. However, God is not going to leave us orphans. Jesus is coming back again.

What should our response be? We should fight like hell. But how do we resume the position of fighting?

Here’s how you can fight the good fight: 

– Fight against a lack of purpose

How do we know that we lack purpose? Boredom. A common remedy is to spend our time in entertainment and video games. They allow us to enter an illusion, a pseudo-exciting world that does not require any thing from us. 

But if you are sidetracked, get back on track. A purposeful life is not about thrills, adrenaline or hype. It is living in the will of God. Focus, discover and get into purpose.

– Fight with might, fight with tears

Intercession is not pretty – it looks like travail and it feels like travail. Mothers understand this pain, they persist not because of fear of death, but they travail because of love. They want their child to be born into life. Like childbirth, intercession is ugly and can sometimes feel like death. It feels that way because we are grieving together with the Holy Spirit; in intercession, we are fighting for lives to be born again. 

The greatest thing we can pray for is for the salvation of others.

– Fight to make the right decisions

• Decide to be grateful. Gratefulness is a powerful weapon. It can save relationships and bring contentment. 
• Decide to remember that God is good. Remember that He will not forsake us (Psalms 37:25).
• Decide whom we will serve. People with pride are unhappy because they serve their own rights – they will never be satisfied. The paradox is that when we deny ourselves, we will find joy (Matthew 16:24-25).

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