Who holds the power to alter and make permanent effect? Some will say it is the haunting past that never forgets. Others consumed with the present see no further than the rut they are in. The rest speak of the unknown future that drives but gives no guarantee. They all have a say: the past, present and future. But their say is far from final.

What if there is someone who can make your past as snow–clean, forgotten and new? What if there was a way to overcome the wrestle of the current moment? And what if there was a promise that my future will be greater than I could ever imagine?

There is that someone, that some way and that promise.

Grace. It is the unmerited favour of God. It is not a personal virtue but an undeserved favour lavished on an inferior by a superior. We, the inferior being, can be given a King’s favour. God Almighty wants to give His creation GRACE – God’s Righteousness and Corresponding Empowerment. He wants to bestow upon us His power and His righteousness. When He looks at us, He sees us through the eyes of grace, not remembering our past but seeing only hope, potential, possibilities and beauty.


He wants to give it. And we can access it through humility. God gives grace to the humble. One way of being humble is when we admit our weaknesses and faults to one another, confess our sin to God Himself, seeking help, rescue and deliverance. Grace is accessed when we put our faith in God and reach out to him for help. That is when grace is freely given. Try to save your face and that’s when you lose grace.
Grace gives us a God-given desire and ability to accomplish the will of God. We might start off on the wrong track but grace will slowly but surely guide us home if we humble ourselves. There is an all too familiar story about the prodigal son. But it is little known about the acts of his father. What made this old man run his aging lungs till burning? What did that robe, ring and seal mean? Find out more in the video. This is how God wants to relate to us.

Grace Will Always Have The Last Say from Tabernacle of Joy on Vimeo.

Grace acknowledges our past but uses it for our good. Grace sees our present and gives us power to overcome. Grace sees our future and in a work of love and mercy writes a story yet to be told.

Grace says I am accepted, I am secure and I am significant.

To fully understand and appreciate the grace of God so freely bestowed on us, we must have the fear of the Lord, the understanding of who He is, who we are and the reverence of the Almighty. They both go hand in hand.

Stay tuned to the next 2 weeks as grace has her final say.

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