It is the last place you will think to find him. Look down the pew and up the aisles, the devil is your most faithful member. (Mark 1:21-26)

It was the Sabbath day. People gathered in the synagogue to hear the scriptures taught. It was the same every week, people came and left, paying their dues. But today something was different. The voice of authority sliced through the doldrums of the weekly routine. They had never heard such words, so moving, convicting and uncomfortable all at the same time. Jesus was nothing like the scribes. He taught with authority and the people could not escape the confronting truth of the word.

This would be the last place you would expect to find the devil. But yet he was the first to respond. Provoked and confronted by Jesus, the unclean spirit in a man made his presence known.

Leave me alone. The name Capernaum, means the village of comfort. Living in the flow of the Lord’s blessings, people became too comfortable. Church became a routine and they began treating the things of God with casualness. It is said of Capernaum, that if the great works that Jesus did there was done in Sodom, Sodom would have lasted till today. Capernaum today, ceases to exist.

What do you have to do with me? This question is almost absurd. Where was this man? He comes into the house of God and yet he questions God’s right to demand of him. When we walk into the house of God, we give God permission to speak into our lives. We come to let God deal with us.

Have you come to destroy us? Yes, He has. Jesus wants to destroy things in our lives before they destroy us. The word and the spirit of God unearths hidden parts of our lives so that they can be dealt with.

I know who You are. That’s the problem. He knew Jesus but did not serve Him. He did not love Jesus, or else his response would have been different. We can know the truth but yet not love it. Loving the truth is what will save us, just knowing it does not.

How is your response when you hear the word today? Do the words of authority pierce through your heart, unsettle the deepest pit of your stomach and stir the well-hidden corners of your life? Don’t identify with the devil. Identify with Jesus. Identify with His blood, His love and His word. Run to an altar and tarry till the Holy Spirit changes you! The struggle is real, the battle has begun, wrestle and don’t give up, fight and don’t back down. Keep fighting until it’s over. You win.


Identifying with Devils from Tabernacle of Joy on Vimeo.

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