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Light is a miracle.

Although it is ever so present, light constantly dazzles. Daily activities on the European side was stirred on March 20 when many tried to catch an eclipse—the 2.5 minutes the moon blocked the sun. Netizens were thrilled when a big solar storm smacked earth on June 23, as it increased the chances for people to see auroras in more parts of the earth. Or those that we speak about ever so frequently: A sunrise, a sunset, a rainbow and a lightning bolt.

Thomas Edison has brought to us the lightbulb that now light up practically any space, but he did not invent light. God did. And God’s light source is far more powerful—the sun. Powerful because it is so constant that sparks fly in dry places. This week alone, parts in California and Greece were set ablaze by raging bush fires that spread wildly; firefighters took nights and days to them put off.

As the figurative light of the world, here’s the context: Sparks fly—have you wrung dry enough of yourself to ignite and be part of that miracle of light?

Lighting up is worth it.

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Light is the answer to everything. For the disoriented, light dispels and invades darkness to illuminate our future. In places of despair, light clears all doubts, gives understanding to the simple and makes truth obvious. For those who dwell in darkness, light blinds, disturbs and disquiet. Light doesn’t have to even speak a word to offend sometimes. Light always goes before itself.

Here’s wisdom for those who are already set alight. Shine your light in this order: Illuminate, invite and invade.

Tabernacle of Joy (

Illuminate like the sun does—gradually. Be like that soft gradated morning light and witness to hurts and felt needs first. This light is inviting and will direct paths. As light travels in a straight line, it invites people to God. This light purifies. As we walk towards God, we become more like him and relinquish more of ourselves. This light ignite when we are become dead to ourselves. The deader the fuel, the better the fire. A fire that can spark off a change in a bleak world.

What is your light like?

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