Everything in the bible is there for a reason. Nothing is there by accident.

There were 2 brothers, Cain, the first son of Adam and Abel the second son of Adam. They were the world’s first siblings. But unfortunately, their story was a tragic one.

In a fit of anger and jealousy, Cain killed Abel. We are not told why Abel left his familiar territory of the sheepfold to go to Cain’s territory of a farm. But we know that when Abel stepped into Cain’s territory, Cain with wicked hands killed Abel. He buried his brother in the ground, thinking to himself that this is the end of his troubles. But little did he know, Abel’s blood had seeped into the ground and his innocent blood had a voice that was crying out. God heard it.

Nothing in your bible is there by accident.

In scripture, mankind is always referred to as the first Adam and Jesus Christ the second Adam. Jesus Christ was known as the Great Shepherd who left the familiar halls of heaven to step physically into an earthly territory. He stepped into our world and with wicked hands we crucified Him. On the day of Calvary, His blood fell to the ground. It flowed down that wooden cross and seeped into the earthHe was buried and the devil thought that this was the end of his troubles. But little did he know, his troubles just begun. Jesus not only rose again the third day, but His blood had a cry that was louder than any other. It is still crying out today.

Everything in your bible is there for a reason.

Cain, the first son of Adam represents mankind who is sinful. Abel represents Jesus who is without sin and yet took the first step of reconciliation only to be put on a cross by the very ones He came to reach.

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We might not like the default system of sin. No one voted for Adam to represent mankind. We could begin this debate of whose fault it really is or push the blame of our sin. But the fact still remains, we all have sin. We have lost our chance at perfection and we will never attain it. But there is another side to this system. It is the one of obedience.

“Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:” Romans 5:12 (KJV)

It was by one man’s disobedience that sin entered into the world. But by one man’s obedience, salvation is made available to all. By default, I am born in sin, descendent of Adam, whose end is destruction. But I can switch lines today and be grafted into the lineage of Jesus Christ, a descendent of righteousness and holiness! Jesus Christ through His obedience unto death paid the price for our sins. I may have lost my chance at perfection but my chance at heaven is still wide open!

It is by His blood that my sins are blotted out and remembered no more! It is by His blood that I have been pardoned for my sins! It is by His blood that my sins are cast into the depths of the sea and will surface no more!

It is by the blood of Jesus Christ that we stand before judgment and are spared! In the court of law, the blood of Jesus Christ speaks for me. Innocent! Righteous! Holy! By the blood of Jesus Christ!

Let the blood speak for you! Let the blood be your defence attorney that will always win!

Cain worked in the field all year round. He knew the time to sow seeds and the time for harvest. He knew the cycle at the back of his hand. He knew that if he planted seeds and waited patiently, watering and tending, in due time, a crop will grow and then a harvest. But when Cain killed Abel, God pronounced a curse. The ground will no longer yield its strength to Cain because Abel’s blood was in the ground. 

The devil has sown seeds of sin in our lives. He has waited patiently, watering and tending until the day when he can harvest destruction. But this earthy body that was originally formed from dust is now covered by the blood of Jesus Christ! This earthy body will no longer yield its strength to sin! Nothing can stop the power of the blood!

Can you hear it? The voice of Jesus’ blood is still crying out today! He is pleading your case and declaring ‘Innocent! Freedom! Blessing! Heaven!’

Can you hear it? It is crying out for you.

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