Safety Measures regarding the novel 'CORONAVIRUS' (COVID-19)

Dear TJ,
You would have received an email from your Pastor this week. We encourage everyone to take time to read the email sent to you.

Amidst the fight against COVID-19, here's what we will do as a church to prevent its spread.

You are required to stay home if you are:

  • under quarantine
  • on leave of absence
  • unwell with cough/runny nose/fever of =>37.5°C
  • within 14 days of returning from China
  • have close contact with someone who returned from China in the last 14 days

Observe good personal hygiene:

  • wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitiser
  • avoid sharing food, utensils and personal hygiene items
  • monitor yourself for flu symptoms and seek medical attention immediately if you're unwell
  • cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and wear a mask if you are recovering from illness

Be prepared for:

  • hand sanitisation at all services
  • temperature checks at all services
  • informing first-time guest(s) to fill up the Travel Declaration Form
  • denial of entry into worship premises if found unwell with evidence of fever

Keep praying for:

  • the church to stay vigilant and prayerful at all times.
  • us as a church would remain steadfast and not allow fearfulness to grab a hold of us, and to be salt and light in the world.
  • the church has already been given authority over sickness that God would grant us the desire to operate in pure faith and love to move in the supernatural wisely to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • healing for those currently affected by the virus, that they would respond well to treatment and that they would recover quickly.
  • those under quarantine across the world, that no symptoms will appear, and that God would bring them peace.
  • the medical workers across the world fighting this virus, that they would remain safe and strong while they carry out this vital work.
  • China, that God will protect this nation and stop the virus' spread.
  • all authority figures working to combat the spread of the virus, that they will be wise, and that their efforts will be fruitful.