Overcoming Neutrality

In our day and age, we are made aware of every trending issue, and along with it the dilemma to take a stand. There is pressure to pick a side and shout about it. But in recent times, the neutral choice has become a popular alternative to decision-making. Whilst popular and acceptable, the problem with neutrality is we become tolerant, and we avoid making decisions when we need to. In our walk with God, neutrality is an enemy. If we avoid taking a stand to obey God’s truth, our spiritual life will come to a standstill. Like a car’s gearbox, neutral is dangerous - because it means you cannot move forward, and risk slipping backwards if on an inclined slope. Choosing neutral as a disciple of Christ is just like serving two masters, compromising one way or another to please both sides. Neutral is never truly neutral, and indecision is still a decision in itself. We constantly face a battle in our beliefs, and choosing to be neutral as a disciple of Christ is a risky myth to accept. We choose each day who we serve, who are you choosing today?

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